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What is a CITB Test?

CITB test is a health and safety environment touch screen computer test required in order to obtain Construction cards. This test is conducted to check whether the construction employees are aware about the health and safety guidelines they need to follow at the construction site area. it is also important as they can help their fellow employees to avoid any sort of injuries or hazardous situation at the construction site.The most important purpose of CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test is to check whether the employees is completely health and safety certified and is fit to work at the construction site area.

Constructions Care Ltd helps in booking for the CITB test for the candidates who are eager to work at the construction site. CITB test verified an individual about his health and safety skills and proves that the individual to fit and good to conduct respective work at the site . It is important to pass the CITB to obtain Construction cards. Most of the construction sites in UK ask their employees to get the Construction cards.

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Why Should You Give CITB Skills Test?

The CITB test, also known as the CITB health and safety test, is crucial for one working in construction due to several reasons. If you are looking to work in the construction industry, you must do CITB test booking to get the following benefits.

- Legal Requirement

Construction-related work is more physical work, where one works at a height, so a CITB skills test is necessary. In the UK, this test is mandatory to gain access, as construction sites demand a valid (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Construction card. Without the card, one can struggle to find work on construction sites and have limited job opportunities. Moreover, you must pass the examination, and Constructions Care Ltd can help you with CITB test booking.

- Safety Awareness

Safety is crucial, and every construction demands your commitment to safety. By giving the CITB HS&E Test, you can assess your knowledge and understanding of health, safety, and environmental regulations within a construction site setting. When you pass the test, it ensures your commitment to safety on construction sites.

- Career Advancement

A valid card can enhance your employability as it creates many opportunities, including high-paying roles in the construction industry. Many jobs are only limited to the card holder; book the CITB test from us and pass the test to obtain the Construction card.

- Project Requirement

If you are working on a construction project that requires all workers to hold cards, taking the CITB Test and obtaining the Construction card becomes a necessity. We can help you comply with project requirements, helping you maintain a certain standard of health and safety practices.

- Professionalism

By taking the CITB HS&E Test and obtaining a card, you display professionalism and a commitment to your role within the construction industry. It demonstrates that you have taken the initiative to undergo training and certification to meet industry standards.

- Standardised Qualification

The CITB HS&E Test ensures that all construction workers possess a baseline level of knowledge and understanding of health and safety regulations. This helps maintain consistent standards across the industry, promoting a safer work environment. We can help you find the CITB training centre to familiarise yourself with standardised qualifications.

- Job Mobility

Having a valid Construction card allows you to work in different roles within the construction industry and switch between employers more easily. Your certification is recognized and transferable across various construction sites and projects.

- Client Requirements

Some construction clients or contractors may require workers on their projects to hold valid cards as a condition of employment. By having a Construction card, you fulfil their requirements and make yourself more eligible for these opportunities.

- Increased Confidence

Passing the CITB Skills Test and obtaining a card can boost your confidence in your abilities and knowledge. After getting the Construction card, you work with more assurance, as becomes You can approach your work with a greater sense of assurance, knowing that you have met the required health and safety standards.

The CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test is categorised depending on your job level:

Operatives - Operatives test is a basic health and safety computer touch screen test that needs to be completed by labourers and ground employees employed at the construction site. The Duration of operative test is 45 minutes and the pass mark for the Operatives test is 90%. To pass, you need to answer at least 45 out of 50 questions correctly. Employees after passing the CITB operatives test can apply for the following Construction cards depending upon the qualification they are holding:

  • 1) Red provisional card
  • 2) Green card
  • 3) Blue card
  • 4) Gold card

Specialists - Specialists test needs to be completed by employees conducting skilled kind of jobs at the construction site. People after passing the specialist test can apply for Blue card and Gold card.

Different types of Specialists test are:

  • Supervisory (SUP)
  • Demolition (DEM)
  • Plumbing (JIB) (PLUM)
  • Highway works (HIW)
  • Specialist work at height (WAH)
  • Lifts and escalators (LAEE)
  • Tunnelling (TUNN)
  • HVACR - Heating and Plumbing Services (HAPS)
  • HVACR - Pipefitting and Welding (PFW)
  • HVACR - Ductwork (DUCT)
  • HVACR - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAAC)
  • HVACE - Services and Facilities Maintenance (SAF)

The pass mark for each of the Specialist tests is 90%. To pass, you need to answer at least 45 out of 50 questions correctly.

Managers and Professionals - MAP test (Managers and Professionals) needs to be completed by managers or people holding construction related qualification degrees like (HND , HNC , civil engineering degree ) .People after passing the Managers and professional test can apply for Black card, AQP (Academically qualified person ) and PQP ( Professionally qualified person ) .

Employees after passing the CITB MAP test can apply for the following cards depending upon the qualification they are holding:

  • 1) Black Manager card
  • 2) AQP card
  • 3) PQP card

The Duration of MAP test is 45 minutes and the pass mark for the Operatives test is 92%. To pass, you need to answer at least 46 out of 50 questions correctly.

How Can You Book CITB Skills Test to Write Exam?

  • Learn about the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) Test, its purpose, and the topics covered.
  • Access official CITB revision materials and publications to prepare for the test.
  • Determine the appropriate card level required for your job role.
  • Get a ULN from the government, as it is required for booking the test.
  • Visit the official CITB website and follow the step-by-step guide to book the test.
  • Locate and select an authorised CITB training centre near your location for convenience.
  • Choose suitable dates and times for the test based on availability.
  • Ensure you have the necessary identification documents to bring on the test day.
  • Familiarise yourself with the test centre's procedures and what to expect upon arrival.
  • How Can Construction Care Ltd Help You?

    Construction Care Ltd. is a leading academy to offer the card in the UK construction industry. With the card, you can start creating more and more opportunities on the working sites as it improves safety standards. For more information, visit our website and apply for the cards.

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