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Constructions Care is a place where you get all kinds of CSCS cards with utmost ease and on quicker basis. Construction Care helps you with all the things required in order to get the CSCS card. We provide you with all kinds of CSCS cards approved by construction sites all over the UK. In order to work at the construction sector you need CSCS cards and below mentioned are the reasons for it.

  • 1) Employee with CSCS card gets higher salaries.
  • 2) Employees with CSCS cards can get apply for a higher card after completing the required qualification and earn higher remuneration and advanced role.
  • 3) Employment becomes easy as most of the constructions sites hires individual holding CSCS cards.
  • 4) Independent workers with a card are known to gain more customers as it displays your professionalism, expertise and experience

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How to Get a CSCS Card

The CSCS card is very easy to get given you fulfil all the required necessary criteria needed. Required steps are mentioned below:

  • 1) You must have passed your relevant CITB Test within the past two years.
  • 2) You must have completed a relevant CITB Health Safety Course.
  • 3) You may contact 020 8126 8080 for the flexible and easy processing of your CSCS card.
Red Provisional Card
Green Labourer Card

How does CSCS cards work

CSCS cards are a proof of your identity at the construction site and it also shows your experience, skills and knowledge of your work. It also acts as proof that you are well aware of all the health and safety rules and it’s an important way for construction workers to show that they can be safe on the job.

Your CSCS Cards also help your employers to check your qualification details with against the CSCS database which stores all your information. Your card can also be used by your employer to take your attendance or give you access to the site.

Blue Skilled Worker Card
Gold Advance Craft Card

Call on +44 (0)20-8126-8080 and Book Your CSCS Card Today!

CSCS Card Validity and Renewal

Most CSCS Card comes with 5 years validity, except for the temporary ones which have different validity periods each. All of these cards can be renewed within the period of 6 months before and 12 months after the expiration date, given they are not temporary cards, which cannot be renewed.

Black Manager Card
White Academically Qualified Person Card
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